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Our diverse Orthotic device line offers a wide range of styles to suit your lifestyle and footwear needs.

Custom arch supports, or custom foot orthotics, are medical devices used to re-align the joints in the foot, ankle and lower extremity. When prescribed and manufactured properly they are effective in the treatment of many ailments including arch and heel pain, ankle pain, and even hip and back pain. With the increase in awareness of foot health, there is an overwhelming number of establishments issuing arch supports. Unfortunately, the patient is often unaware of the difference in techniques used to manufacture such devices. At The Podiatry Associates the podiatrist prescribes, manufactures, and fits all custom-made arch supports to ensure the proper diagnosis and techniques are used.

What to expect with an orthotic process?

Symptom History

The podiatrist takes your detailed symptom history and your foot is examined to diagnose your foot ailment.

Foot and Ankle Analysis

The podiatrist will perform a weight-bearing foot and ankle analysis to determine if there are any mal-alignments of your lower extremity.


Feet are casted with plaster in the most stable position. A non weight-bearing position is important as it ensures that your foot deformity isn’t captured in the impression.


The casts are then modified as per the podiatrist’s prescription and special materials are molded to your foot casts.


These materials are then manufactured to fit into your shoes and special materials are added to your devices for comfort.

Custom Fitting

Each orthotic is fit by the podiatrist to ensure the proper fit and function are achieved

Follow up and Adjustments

One of the most important skills a clinician can have when treating foot pain is the ability to adjust custom foot orthotics using grinders and a variety of specialized adjustment tools. If you are experiencing difficulty becoming accustomed to your orthotic devices or they simply require enhancements to help your symptom relief, our podiatrists are able to perform these adjustments on site and while you wait.

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