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Giles Littlejohn

Orthopedic Solutions Manager

Born and raised in St. John’s, NL. I was an athletic kid involved in numerous sports and loved being outside. At an early age I knew I wanted to be a physical education teacher because I loved sports and being active. At the age of 18 I enrolled in Memorial University with intent on playing Memorial Basketball but my life took a different path. I did a bachelor of physical education degree at Memorial and later enrolled in courses to become a Certified Kinesiologist. As a student I enjoyed lifting weights, running and being active so I decided to become a personal trainer.  At the same time I took a job working at Sports Experts in the Avalon mall selling running sneakers. As a personal trainer I met a lot of runners as well as trained a lot of runners. As part of my personal training I would conduct gait analysis and noticed how the path of a persons body could be affected by their sneakers. 

A lot of my clients would come see me at Sports Experts, fitting them with the appropriate running shoe. I would then see those clients later on at the gym and assess their gait with their new running sneakers. My clients would notice a difference in their alignment right away. I began to take a keen interest in athletic footwear and different foot conditions.

In 2005 I met Dr. Goff and he wanted to open an orthopedic footwear store with his intentions to make his practice better. Together in March of 2005 we opened Orthopedic Solutions with about 25 pairs of footwear in total. The first year was difficult because a lot of it was new to me, but we worked hard and our store grew. 

I have always enjoyed helping people develop active healthier lifestyles and working at Orthopedic Solutions for me is no different. If your feet aren’t happy you aren’t happy. I pride myself on delivering quality service and treating people with kindness, and respect. I feel we have the best products and genuine staff who truly want to help. 

I am a very proud father of two great kids whom I worship and a wife who is wonderful in so many ways. I am truly blessed to have the life that I live today.

 I would like to thank our customers because if it wasn’t for you we would not exist. It truly is a pleasure to come to work everyday at a job you enjoy, helping people who really make every day great!