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TEL: (709) 739-3338


Clinic Assistant

I was born in the Philippines in Sept. 16,1981. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in March 2003. In 2005 to 2008, I worked in Taiwan as a caregiver. I decided to move to Canada where there is better opportunities for work as a caregiver. 

In April 2008, I came here to St. John’s and after two years, I applied for my Permanent Residency and became permanent resident in 2013. I decided to find another field of work. I worked at Mcdonald’s Restaurant as a cashier and in Murray Premises Hotel as Housekeeper. 

I then started with Spinario Orthotic Lab as a orthotic technician in 2013. I found this field of work very interesting and very skillful. 

In August 2016, Doctor Andrew Goff offered me a job at The Podiatry Associates as a doctor’s Assistant. I was so thankful that my boss had trusted me and believed in my capacity that I can do my best in this field of work.

I am working in this sister company for almost 4 years now. I love my job and all the staff of this clinic. I love working and serving the patients. 

I believe in the saying ” Patience is the key to success “. Because everything in life comes in God’s perfect time. Just work hard aim for what you want to be and have faith that you can achieve it.